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Designing, building and marketing the safest, most reliable solutions for every pedestrian and vehicle need for:


Satisfying our clients' service and reliability needs to the best of our ability in the segments:

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FAAC is born

Hydraulic technology is applied to doors and gates


FAAC creates the automation market for residential usee


The first training courses begin.

FAAC AG (Svizzera) is born.


FAAC France is born


First use of electronics with microprocessors


Model 402 is created, a milestone in the history of automation


FAAC UK opens


FAAC International (USA) is born


Acquisition of FAAC Electronics (IRL) dedicated to the production of all electronic devices


FAAC SA (Spagna) is born


FAAC GmbH (Germania e Austria) opens


Autostrade SpA engages FAAC for the creation of high performance automatic barriers for all its toll stops.

"Self Learning SLH" patent recorded, which revolutionises the transmitter market


The sliding door range is launched.

Acquisition of Genius, electromechanical automation specialist.


FAAC, among the first in Italy, introduces CAD 3D with ProE T3 software for product realisation.


Acquisition of Spazio Italia, an important player in the Access Control market.


The first miniature transmitter is born and immediately becomes the market reference.


The FAAC branches in Poland, Scandinavia, Benelux and Shanghai open.

Acquisition of Voltec (FRA), shutter blind automation.


A new product range debuts: the FAAC City traffic bollard line is born.

FAAC India opens


Strategic acquisition of ALTRON, an enterprise specialised in tubular motors for screen and roller shutter automation.


Acquisition of DAAB (Sweden), working in industrial gate and automatic door automation.

FAAC Australia is born


FAAC Middle East opens in Dubai.


Acquisition of Clemsa (Spain).

Acquisition of Altron BV (Holland).


Acquisition of Kemko (Holland).

Acquisition of Zeag Group, access control and car park management systems (Switzerland).


FAAC Turchia and FAAC Russia opens.

Acquisition of Datapark (USA).

Acquisition of Magnetic Autocontrol Group (GER).

Acquisition of Rossi Industrias Eletromecanica (BRA).

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Through developments achieved over almost 50 years of history and through its numerous acquisitions, the FAAC Group is a global presence capable of serving every design, commercial, installation and post-sales support type and requirement with excellent methods and timing.

Established in three Business Units dedicated to specific business areas, today the FAAC Group can count on local subsidiaries, with businesses that are fine-tuned to the needs of the respective country while still in line with the cohesive commercial and industrial Group vision.


sales companies in 24 countries


Employees worldwide



Over 80

Official global distributors


Manufacturing plants

FAAC Group has acquired Olmi Impianti Srl and has announced the launch of HUB Italia

FAAC Group a leading company and an international pioneer in the automated systems industry and the control of pedestrian and vehicle accesses for residential and commercial applications, has announced the acquisition of Olmi Impianti Srl, a company with twenty years experience in providing turnkey solutions for parking systems and pedestrian access control systems. The acquired company will be named HUB Italia, and will be part of HUB Parking Technology, a Business Unit of the FAAC Group. This deal will enlarge the companies’ Italian customer base and it will be able to offer its systems, installation and commissioning service as well as after sales assistance.

FAAC presents a complete line of advanced traffic bollards

FAAC presents a complete line of advanced traffic bollards

A new dedicated mini-site describes the technical features and application options

Zola Predosa, 04-12-2013 - FAAC, the Italian world leader in automated solutions for opening gates and doors as well as for pedestrian and vehicle access control, offers a complete range of retractable traffic bollards, ideal for all possible situations - from private residences to industrial facilities, from limited traffic zones to sensitive installations that require surveillance. FAAC bollards feature an extremely reliable hydraulic technology and are designed for easy installation and maintenance. All the information regarding this product range can now be found at the dedicated mini-site www.faacbollard.com that describes all the technical features and application options.

The FAAC bollards of the "J" family are divided into three product  lines: FAAC J200 for residential areas; FAAC J275 for commercial and industrial areas and for managing urban entries to limited traffic zones; FAAC J355 for the protection of sensitive installations such as airports, embassies, consulates, banks, ports, etc.

The J200 line includes an automatic model, a semi-automatic model and a fixed model. The J275 line, in addition to the automatic model (registered with the Italian Ministry of Transport) and the fixed model, also introduces a semi-automatic version for areas that are difficult to wire or only occasionally open to traffic. And finally, the J355 line comprises an automatic model, which has been awarded the grade M30-P1 provided for by the AST M F 2656-07 standard: i.e. it is able to stop a lorry weighing 6.8 tons launched at 50 km/hour.

All FAAC bollards feature numerous innovations that make installation and maintenance extremely simple, while also increasing reliability.

The J200 line, for example, is characterised by a self-bearing structure that renders the pit unnecessary. Instead, the architecture of the J275 line makes it possible to carry out technical service operations without the need for a crane or hoist to extract the bollard body from the pit. The hydraulic pump can, in fact, be easily removed after removing the bollard head. Routine maintenance can therefore be performed by a single person using basic tools.

The simplifications introduced by FAAC also concern the pit, which is cylindrical in shape for optimising digging, and is supplied as a kit, to reduce the packaging dimensions and transport costs. There are also many innovations aimed at increasing system reliability: e.g. the hydraulic pump is all one piece with the cylinder and moves with it, therefore eliminating the need for underground tubes with pressurised oil. The cylinder is also equipped with a double track, to increase its stability during both upward and downward movement. Finally, all the luminous signals around the circumference of the bollard are obtained using a single central LED, thus reducing replacement time and costs in case of damage. FAAC traffic bollards are available in many versions with various types of finish and control modes. The basic models include many features that in some competitor products require the addition of costly options.

The new mini-site dedicated specifically to FAAC bollards (www.faacbollard.com) contains all the information necessary for architects, designers and technical departments, including the specifications of each product, the solid models created in all the main 3D design formats, the illustrative brochure, numerous references to installations around the world, as well as a detailed video presenting the entire range and its main features.

“FAAC bollards are designed, tested and manufactured entirely at our plant. Total control over the products has made it possible for us to field all our skills in technological innovation to create a highly complete and competitive range of bollards. Thanks to our exclusive world network of branches and distributors, the FAAC Group is also able to ensure effective service to Italian businesses that use FAAC bollards when constructing buildings or infrastructures abroad,” said Davide Querzè, FAAC Product Manager.

HUB Italia finalizes the acquisition of NEXTEC Srl and expands its presence in the Italian market

HUB Italia, part of HUB Parking Technology – the FAAC Group Business Unit that develops, manufactures, installs Parking Revenue Control Systems and provides after-sales services – has finalized the acquisition of Nextec Srl, a company specialized in the sales of advanced automated parking and access control systems across Italy.

Franco Oliva, HUB Italia General Manager declared:
"Nextec Srl activities are perfectly in line with the target of offering professional turn-key solutions for Parking Systems and a punctual and qualified service. In fact, Nextec Srl is characterized by a strong market positioning and a consolidated experience of its management team".

Nextec Srl will be part of HUB Italia and of HUB Parking Technology and this will bring a further development of the client base/portfolio in Italy and a strengthening of the installation and maintenance post sales service.

HUB Parking Technology announces the acquisition of CTR Parking Systems and strengthens its parking business in the United States

HUB Parking Technology announced today that it has completed the acquisition of CTR Parking Systems. The transaction strengthens HUB Parking Technology’s business, by expanding the company’s value chain presence and adding additional capabilities. As a consequence of the acquisition 65 employees are joining HUB Parking Technology.


HUB USA’s General Manager and CEO Robert Kempton said: “We are extremely pleased to have CTR Parking Systems join the HUB USA team and FAAC Group. CTR Parking Systems brings to HUB USA many years of experience and excellence with strengths in large airport and project solutions, project management, and a strong local R & D development capability which will help support our growth and presence in the US and North American markets. It integrates itself extremely well with the existing brands of ZEAG and Datapark”.


HUB Parking Technology is committed to ensuring continuity for both its employees and clients. HUB Parking Technology will ensure a smooth transition for customers, maintaining high levels of service and operational excellence and support throughout.


CTR’s Sales VP Mark Pitchford said: “The addition of CTR Parking to the HUB USA team is a tremendous opportunity to combine our technologies and offer unique, state of the art solutions to our existing customers and expanding markets. Our employees and clients will benefit from the international expertise of the FAAC Group as well as CTR’s national presence in the US. Together, our vertically integrated solutions will allow us to meet the ever changing needs of the markets we serve, with an emphasis on quality, service and technical expertise. I am proud to be part of the future organization and exciting opportunities that lay ahead.”


The acquisition will allow HUB Parking Technology to respond to the demands of the industry, offering long-term value to customers through enhanced capabilities, a broader range of services and implementation of best practice.

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Modular automation solutions for pedestrian and vehicle access, automatic barriers, automatic pedestrian entrances, screen and roller shutters for home automation, offices, hotels and businesses.

In particular, we manufacture:

    • Swing gates
    • Sliding gates
    • Up and over and sectional garage doors
    • Folding shutter doors
    • Industrial sectionals
    • Energy-saving sliding doors
    • Swing
    • Emergency exits
    • Special
    • Residential use
    • Commercial/industrial use
    • For high-security applications
    • Modular software and hardware solutions for all pedestrian and vehicle access control needs, for residential, commercial and industrial use
    • French windows
    • Heavy roller shutters


The Business Unit Access Automation counts on diverse product lines and different brands, specialised and developed to better satisfy the customer, selected based on geographic criteria, product type or distribution channel.

AA quality


BU Access Automation products are certified according to the most advanced international standards and equipped with the most highly internationally recognised quality markings.

These results are made possible by the quality of the components and the raw material, by selecting the best suppliers, by the manufacturing processes created entirely within the company, by inspecting the semi-finished and finished products to conserve and reinforce the value of the brand over time.

1. From the first design phases, rigorously within the company, BU Access Automation conducts detailed feasibility studies of new products thanks to 3D projections and functional prototyping.

2. Certified suppliers and systematic raw material inspections allow the company to stock the various production lines with perfect components.

3. The completely internal manufacturing process focuses on flexibility and reliability, using "lean manufacturing" methods, reducing waste and guaranteeing a Total Quality system.

4. The manufacturing process focuses on flexibility and reliability, using "lean manufacturing" methods, reducing waste and guaranteeing a Total Quality system.

5. Each product is the result of over forty years of high-level technological development to offer unique solutions to the Italian and global market.
The need for solutions that are fine-tuned to specific requirements is satisfied by a range of products realised with the same passion and constant attention to quality.

6. Accurate computerised quality control in every production phase and dozens of functional tests on every single product guarantee the delivery of a high quality product as a mark of Made in Italy.
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HUB Parking Technology is the FAAC Group Business Unit that develops, manufactures, installs Parking Revenue Control Systems branded ZEAG, DATAPARK and FAAC and provides after-sales services.

HUB Parking Technology delivers the flexibility, professional expertise and close personal service of a local company, together with all the capabilities, network and strength of a global player. Through its local subsidiaries and distributors, it is represented in North & South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Over the years, the company has constantly innovated to develop state-of-the-art systems that make parking efficient for users as well as profitable and easy to manage for operators.

For more information about our company and our products: www.hubparking.com


HUB Parking is the "ID card" of the FAAC Group Parking Team. HUB continues to develop the three product brands, ZEAG, Datapark and FAAC, in the car park system industrial setting. Proven cohesiveness even in marketing and communications, with a restyling of the three brands bringing them even closer to the HUB image

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Magnetic Autocontrol is the FAAC Group’s Business Unit working in the ever-growing international market of pedestrian and vehicle access control. Headquartered in Schopfheim, Germany, Magnetic Autocontrol serves customers around the globe through its strategically located subsidiaries and a vast network of distribution and service partners for more than 50 years.

Magnetic Autocontrol does not only offer high-quality, reliable and sustainable products with a high added value for the end-customer but excels with proven knowledge in project management – worldwide

For more information about our company and our products: www.ac-magnetic.com

AC veicolar


Magnetic MHTM™ MicroDrive barriers are the latest evolution on the market, proven by the Red Dot 2012 award (one of the biggest and most important global design awards) and the German Design Award 2014.
The MHTM™ MicroDrive product range is the reference point in the automatic barrier industry: thanks to the revolutionary MHTM™ Microdrive drive system, the motor does not require maintenance and, at the same time, offers high performance operation, extremely quick opening and closing times and a high torque value. For example: the Magnetic.Access barrier has a maximum consumption of 25W which saves 75% more energy (or more) compared to competitive products.

MHTM™ MicroDrive is equipped with a control unit in compliance with the EN ISO 13849. The exclusive use of 24V technology for motor and control unit reduces the risk of crushing and ensures compliance with the European safety directives.
The barrier configuration is done via the control unit. An LCD display with 4 programming buttons and an intuitive graphic interface allows the installer to set the barrier parameters without any specific knowledge. The functional range can be extended via Plug & Play modules.
The MHTM™ MicroDrive technology product range is divided in:

    (small parking lots, lower traffic areas, access roads, etc.)
  • Paid parking applications
    (multi-level car parks, car rental sites, airports, etc.)
  • Toll applications
    (toll roads, toll tunnels, toll bridges)
  • Traffic management
  • OEM
AC pedestrian


Pedestrian access control solutions are designed for identifying people and grant access to only those that have the appropriate permissions. Additionally, these solutions may be used for optimizing the flow of people - especially at strongly visited sites.
Magnetic Autocontrol offers a wide range of professional pedestrian gates which have been tested for different applications. Our customers can benefit from our long-term world-wide experience in product development, project management and a vast network of distributors and integrators.

The product portfolio is divided in:

  • Secured entry control
  • Immigration gates
    (airports, seaports and international railway border crossings)
  • Customer-specific pedestrian gates
    (project management)
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Even during the years of global recession, the FAAC Group has grown through acquisitions and internal growth by continuing to invest in young people.

The recent hiring involves dozens of young graduates, from engineers in the Research and Development or Global Sourcing sector to language graduates who deal with Order Processing to economy graduates directed to Management Control and the Italian or Foreign Commercial Department.

The people in our Group are always ready to put themselves to the test: they know different languages, they are willing to travel for work and move where opportunities present themselves, they work hard. Our Group allows people who are ready to accept this challenge to demonstrate their worth in a solid international company ready to guarantee a future of prospects.

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In addition to specific technical job training, our employees can count on:
Language training - Basic or advanced courses of English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese with various methods: e-learning, lesson by telephone, micro-groups, one to one.
Across-the-board training - Courses in "collaborator management and time management", "project management", "public speaking" offered to the employees based on their jobs.
Courses for specific needs - over 40 people will take courses to improve their knowledge of the main software related to their jobs.

2013 gives way to the FAAC Academy project: approximately 20 people, chosen among the young graduates who have been in the company for more than 2 years, will attend an internal training school for future managerial growth. The subjects studied over a year of monthly lessons with workshops and team-building activities throughout will be varied and in-depth: basic finance, efficient communication, personal leadership, lean thinking & lean manufacturing, marketing, product, business plan and business strategy training.


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Area manager Centro - Sud

Il gruppo FAAC, con 1.800 persone impiegate in 5 continenti, 12 siti produttivi in Europa, 24 filiali commerciali nei principali paesi ed un network di oltre 80 paesi serviti da distributori ufficiali, ricerca per la propria business unit HUB PARKING, che si occupa di sviluppare, produrre e commercializzare in tutto il mondo i sistemi di parcheggio con esazione, ricerca un


Area manager Centro- Sud (escluse isole)


Contenuti della posizione:

Riportando al Responsabile Vendite di HUB Parking Italia, il candidato risponde del raggiungimento degli obiettivi commerciali, promuove azioni di contatto preliminare con la clientela potenziale (società di gestione della sosta, enti pubblici, ospedali, aeroporti, centri commerciali, ecc.), assicura i sopralluoghi in sito, sviluppa le trattative di vendita, formula offerte e negozia le migliori condizioni di vendita. Ha il compito di sviluppare commercialmente la zona di riferimento anche attraverso la gestione di agenti. Si occupa inoltre della gestione delle gare pubbliche di appalto e del supporto commerciale after sales.



Il candidato ideale è in possesso di una formazione tecnica  (perito elettronico/elettrotecnico oppure ingegnere elettrico/elettronico con laurea breve) ed ha maturato oltre ad un’esperienza di vendita,  anche una pregressa  esperienza di attività tecnico-installativa o di assistenza tecnica/commerciale.

Forte orientamento alla relazione con il cliente, spiccate doti di organizzazione, orientamento al risultato,  lavoro in team, spirito di iniziativa e flessibilità completano il profilo.


Sede di lavoro: Lazio


L'offerta si intende ambosessi, specificare nel CV l'autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati.

Inviare le candidature a it.recruitment@faacgroup.com specificando il seguente codice in oggetto: AM_R_P/02


QUALIFICATIONS: Master Degree in Economics

Workplace: Warszawa - Poland

Sales Associate – HUB

Houston, TX


Job Description

Sales Associate is a sales person responsible for all sales aspects of working with existing clients and prospects to support achievement of the company’s overall growth, revenue and market share goals.

His/her sales territory will be Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, with a main Focus is on Houston Austin and Dallas.

Sales Manager/Sales Director - Magnetic

Rockledge, FL, 32955

Job Description

Magnetic USA is looking for a talented Sales Manager or a Sales Director to manage the national sales force (2 Salesman + him/herself). Reporting directly to Magnetic USA General Manager, he/she will be expected to plan and implement tactics to meet or exceed business strategies to encourage growth and profitability of the Company. Additionally expectations are the position holder will foster excellent customer relationships, develop a collaborative team environment and maintain a professional approach at all times.

Desired Skills & Experience


Ensure revenue and margin targets to meet / exceed business objectives.
Forecast revenues monthly support budget development
Responsibility for the entire sales team and for the sales targets, generating new business, service revenue and growing existing customers and manage all sales commercial issues within the territory
Identify and develop new business within the assigned territory
Identify and qualify specific sales prospects, make effective presentations, and close opportunities within an acceptable time frame
Visit customer sites, assessing needs and deliver quotations in a timely manner either working on own or within team
Support the internal operations by working cooperatively and effectively with all members of the team
Manages customers as assigned on tactical and strategic level
Negotiate large contracts whilst maintaining agreed margin for Company
Manage and report all sales pipeline and quotations by value and by product
Produce sales quotation documentation, publish and deliver to customers
Ensure that product knowledge and sales skills are current and up to date
Demonstrates a clear and detailed understanding of market and customers
Prepare / implement annual sales plans in accordance with strategic business objectives
Prioritize workload of self and manage and lead multiple projects at one time
Develop and maintain pricing strategy


Attend business related exhibitions and conventions
Maintain a holistic view of market, competitor activity and strategy

Brand Management: stewarding our brands, controlling message and brand perception development to ensure brand growth
Raise awareness of significant concerns to supervisor
Manage marketing material such as brochures, price list, web-presence, advertising, communications
Other tasks as assigned by management

Equal Opportunity Employer

Send your applications to IT.recruitment@faacgroup.com specifying your salary expectation

Senior Area Manager – Porte e Ingressi automatici

Il gruppo FAAC, leader in ogni ambito di automazione e controllo accessi,  con oltre 1.000 persone impiegate in 5 continenti, 12 siti produttivi in Europa, 24 filiali commerciali nei principali paesi ed un network di oltre 80 paesi serviti da distributori ufficiali, ricerca un

Senior Area Manager –  Porte e Ingressi automatici        

Area di competenza: Nord Est e Centro Italia

Contenuti della posizione:

  • Agirà in coordinamento con la direzione commerciale per la formulazione degli obbiettivi di lavoro a breve e medio termine in funzione delle esigenze dell’azienda.

  • In piena autonomia nella sua area coordinerà e svilupperà le offerte di vendita dei prodotti fino alla sua conclusione, pertanto si organizzerà gli appuntamenti, gestirà le trattative commerciali e l’eventuale gestione del credito.

  • Determinerà le condizioni di vendita (tempistiche, rese, pagamenti, addebiti) e il coordinamento delle pose-collaudo tra cliente ed installatore.

  • Reporting tramite CRM dell’attività svolta,  delle offerte e delle vendite effettuate, compilazione o manutenzione delle schede contatto fornite, informazioni relative a progetti o nuove opportunità di vendita, monitoraggio sulla concorrenza.


  • Il candidato ideale è in possesso di un diploma  tecnico ed ha maturato un’esperienza di vendita di almeno 3-5 anno nel canale serramentisti , cantieri, progettisti, medi e grandi utilizzatori finali (es. GD e GDO, hotellerie), enti pubblici (asl, comuni, etc.)

  • Requisito fondamentale è  la provenienza dal settore Porte e Ingressi automatici.


Completano il profilo forte mobilità sul territorio, spiccate doti di organizzazione, orientamento al risultato, spirito di iniziativa e flessibilità.

Inquadramento e pacchetto retributivo offerti sono interessanti anche per le candidature più qualificate.

L'offerta si intende ambosessi, specificare nel CV l'autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati.

Inviare le candidature a it.recruitment@faacgroup.com specificando il seguente codice in oggetto: AM_PA_M16


Service Technician

Zeag Canada Missisauga and Calgary


L'offerta si intende ambosessi, specificare nel CV l'autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati. Inviare le candidature a it.recruitment@faacgroup.com specificando il seguente codice in oggetto: PR_CH13